+ What is MOCHI x MOCHI ?

  • Irresistible squeaky dog toy made with 100% chemical free wool.
  • Soft, fluffy and gentle on dog’s dental health.
  • Great for puppies and senior dogs. 
  • Natural scent from farm friends. 
  • Sourced humanely treated fibers from small farms in USA. 
  • Handcrafted in New York City.


+ My dog is a chewer and clever de-constructor. Is MOCHI X MOCHI safe for my dog?

Aggressive chewers or clever de-constructors may play MOCHI x MOCHI. 

We believe chewing is a natural instinct and the way of exploring the object for dogs.
MOCHI x MOCHI has a natural scent of farm animal and squeaky sound maker which is irresistible for your dogs to chew on.

If it is your dog's first time playing with natural wool toy, and always played with plastic or rubber ones, they may be surprised to meet MOCHI that has happy and natural scent from nature. Then they may try to taste it! ( It is also dog's natural behavior) 

Don’t worry, MOCHI x MOCHI only use 100% chemical free natural animal fiber that won’t harm your dog in case they digest some part of MOCHI.

Always supervise during play as no toy is completely indestructible.

Just be aware of squeaky sound maker that is embedded in the core of MOCHI. That is the only part we don’t want any dogs to chew on.


 +  MOCHI X MOCHI seems too soft and I am worried my dog will break this apart in 3 seconds. Is MOCHI x MOCHI durable?

MOCHI is soft and fluffy. It is also very durable at the same time.
Two dogs may play "Tug Of War" with one MOCHI, and it won't break apart. 
Each MOCHI is carefully handcrafted to make sure it has highest durability with tightest fabrication. 


+ How to play MOCHI x MOCHI with my dog?

MOCHI x MOCHI will help you build deeper friendship between you and your dog.
Play squeaky music, fetch together, or let them carry around and show it off!
MOCHI x MOCHI can be used as comfort toy for your lovely one's bedtime.


+ What are MOCHI x MOCHI Ingredients?

100% Premium natural fleece from happy and healthy farm friends and squeaky sound maker. Natural fleeces are selected only from small production farms in USA. 
Never touched harsh chemicals, artificial color and bleaches. 

MOCHI X BEET and MOCHI X TURMERIC only used organic USDA approved beet and turmeric. (Of course, it is a human-grade)


+ How do I choose MOCHI Size? 

All MOCHI x MOCHI products are individually handcrafted. 
Every MOCHI is unique and varies in sizes (approx.2.5" dia). 

MOCHI  - standard size for every dog. (approx. 2.5")
Baby MOCHI -  for puppies and dogs with smaller mouth. (approx.2.25")
*Custom Size available  hello@mochimochinyc.com


+  What is MOCHI PARTY ? 

Celebrate your best friend's pawty with MOCHI PARTY
MOCHI PARTY includes

  • 10 MOCHI  

Email us for Custom arrangement. hello@mochimochinyc.com


+Are there any Care Tips for MOCHI x MOCHI ?

MOCHI x MOCHI is long lasting toy. 
Keep MOCHI x MOCHI fresh and clean!  
Hand wash, cold water, mild and organic dish detergent recommended.

Do not squeak under water, it may take longer to dry thoroughly.
Allow to dry fully in the air or tumble dry low.


+ Is MOCHI x MOCHI eco- friendly product?

MOCHI x MOCHI supports small farms in USA. 
Fibers are specially selected from small and sustainable farms.

  • Cruelty free grown and humanely sheared fibers.
  • Raised without antibiotic and hormone.
  • 100% Chemical free and non-toxic.
  • Eco friendly processing with solar energy.

*Due to the minimal processing, small bits of vegetable matter may present. This just means the fleece has not been exposed to chemicals in its processing, so you know you are getting a lovely natural product.