MOCHI x MOCHI is a new and creative dog toy that introduces healthy ingredients for your dogs. 

Like as any dog lovers and owners, we wish our best friend to be healthy and live long as ourselves (like humans)

MOCHI x MOCHI will keep introduce healthy ingredients with new way of building relation with your dogs.

MOCHI x MOCHI is all about providing safe and non-toxic toys for our lovely dog friends. 

MOCHI x MOCHI is free of harmful chemical, artificial dyes and crucial treatment. 

MOCHI x MOCHI is handcrafted with the highest quality materials.

MOCHI x MOCHI is also helping the environment – by keeping out chemicals from our water, air, and soil.

Each MOCHI is individually handcrafted in New York City.

* All MOCHI MOCHI NYC products are patent pending.



March 29th, 2016
MOCHI x MOCHI was first invented by Sun who fell in love with her two adopted dogs. 
It was all about to make fun, safe, soft, and all natural toy for dogs.
Sofie and Mustang happily enjoyed their first MOCHI playtime and fell in love with MOCHI since their first experience.